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Why is Dorset a good place to invest in aquaculture?

Dorset has three strategically located ports (Poole, Weymouth and Portland) which provide valuable supply chain and deployment support for aquaculture projects.

Dorset has unique natural assets, a sustainable environment and the local infrastructure in place to support the growth of the local aquaculture sector and your business. The coastline has created the perfect setting for aquaculture companies and technology providers to flourish. This includes:

• Shallow and sheltered harbours and land based development opportunities for hatcheries and recirculation systems;
• Onshore areas with potential for development of processing facilities etc;
• Excellent water quality and growth conditions – for shellfish especially;
• Warm coastal sea water temperatures and less aggressive tidal flows than found in competitor sites – fostering inshore and offshore opportunities to produce a wide variety of fish, shellfish, molluscs and plants; and
• A vibrant tourist industry with demand for local fresh fish and renowned fish restaurants in location.

Poole and Portland harbours provide sheltered bases for operations in the open ocean (small, specifically designed sea areas) and have infrastructure and space for the construction of more hatcheries and aquaculture facilities on-land.

In-land areas and on-shore facilities within both ports are also available and ready to be developed as well as facilities at other notable locations such as Kingston Maurward College (Source: HPO).

Last updated: 25 March 2020