Positioned on England’s south coast, Dorset and East Devon have the potential to contribute significantly to the growth in English marine aquaculture envisaged under the Seafood 2040 strategic framework for England. Aquaculture within this region is developing rapidly with a diverse array of species and techniques either in place or undergoing development both on and offshore. The potential offered by the region for the expansion of aquaculture has recently been recognised by the Department of International Trade (DIT) who have awarded the region status as a High Potential Opportunity (HPO) area for Sustainable Aquaculture.

Take a whistle-stop tour around the growing business of aquaculture in Dorset. Meet the key people in a range of different kinds of aquaculture ranging from seaweed to shellfish and lumpfish (cleaner fish), and discover the wide range of opportunities for different kinds of work in the sector.

An opportunity to enter the UK aquaculture market to meet growing national and global demand for fish, shellfish and aquatic plants by developing and deploying technologies.

The UK domestic aquaculture industry is:

  • Worth an estimated £1.4 billion
  • The 8th largest producer of finfish from marine and coastal aquaculture in the world
  • Expected to grow faster than the UK economy over the next 10 years
  • Creating huge opportunities to increase farming of other fish or shellfish, beyond salmon

Contribute to an environmental, economic and socially sustainable aquaculture supply chain

Opportunities exist in Dorset for truly sustainable aquaculture systems that have:

  • Minimal Environmental Impacts – No significant disruption to the ecosystem, or loss of biodiversity or substantial pollution impacts.
  • Economic Value – No significant disruption to the ecosystem, or cause for loss of biodiversity or substantial pollution impacts.
  • Social Contribution –Contribute to community well-being and are socially responsible.
Dorset Aquaculture
Last updated: 4 May 2020