Jurassic Sea Farms Ltd

There has been enormous interest in the culture of seaweeds recently not only in connection with its ‘super food’ reputation, but also its potential use in the cosmetics, health food, pharmaceutical, biofuels and fertiliser industries. The Jurassic Sea Farms Ltd has been recently formed to exploit this exciting opportunity with an initial project in Portland Port which will grow both seaweed and shellfish species such as oysters and scallops. The initial investors include several local partners with relevant expertise to make a success of the operation.

Future expansion of the business will either be inside the Port or at a new site in the area. Cefas will be working with Jurassic Sea Farms Ltd from November 2019 to analyse the sugar kelp biomass produced in Portland Harbour to investigate the physiology, histology and chemical composition. This will provide baseline data to inform regulation for the emerging seaweed aquaculture industry in the UK; and demonstrate methodologies and knowledge gaps to inform future research.

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